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Beautiful Black Velvet Draped Turban: Comfort and Elegance Combined

This lovely black velvet turban is not only incredibly comfortable but also easy to wear. No need to worry about adding any adornments or tying knots, as the turban comes draped.

The draping technique involves pleating the fabric to create a unique and beautiful appearance, adding a touch of volume to the turban.

Made from high-quality velvet, this black turban is durable and soft, ensuring a luxurious feel. Each turban is meticulously handcrafted and individually checked for quality.

It’s suitable for all hairstyles—long, short, braids, fabric, chemotherapy patients, or those with alopecia. These turbans are the ideal accessory for those moments when your hair seems to have a mind of its own!

Super comfortable, this turban is made from stretchy velvet and is available in pink, black, and golden.

One size fits all, ensuring a perfect fit for everyone.

For care, machine wash in cold/gentle cycle to minimize wear and tear.


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Beautiful Black Velvet Draped Turban: Comfort and Elegance Combined


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