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Black Velvet Fingerless Gloves

Keep your hands and forearms warm in style with these luxurious black velvet fingerless gloves.

These stunning mittens are crafted from the finest black velvet, ensuring a touch of elegance and sophistication as you stay cozy in chilly weather. The elasticated fabric provides a comfortable fit that won’t hinder your finger movements, allowing you to text, type, or grip objects with ease. Whether you’re working in a chilly office, cycling outdoors, or driving on a cold day, these versatile gloves will keep your hands warm and stylish.


  • Elasticated fabric for a comfortable fit
  • Fingerless design for unrestricted finger movement
  • Ideal for work, cycling, driving, or daily wear
  • Measures 11 inches long
  • Unstretched dimensions: 7.5 inches around the knuckles, 6.5 inches around the wrist, and 8.5 inches around the upper forearm
  • Stretches to 9 inches around the knuckles, 9.5 inches around the wrist, and 12 inches around the upper forearm
  • Machine wash cold/gentle for minimal wear and tear
  • Line dry or machine dry warm


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Black Velvet Fingerless Gloves


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