How to put on a turban

Cómo ponerse un turbante o una diadema

Having a bad hair day? When your hair is having a rough day, the best and quickest solution is to hide it as much as possible. Don't waste time trying to style your hair before taking the kids to school. Let me walk you through step by step in these videos on how to wear a turban or headband. Choose your turban and watch the video carefully.

How to wear a turban rose - multiway turban

New velvet headbands with different colors

Beige turban with viscose and spandex

Cómo ponerse una diadema de terciopelo

Turbant Animal Print

Shapeable Bandana Turban

Mustard bandana with Gingko leaves

New houndstooth fabric headband

Turbante Kenia con alambre

Video tie-dye

Leopard print headband

Paisley or Paisley Print Turban

Petitama, a day in the city to take photos

Petitama Handmade - Diademas exclusivas hechas a mano

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