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By accepting this Privacy and Cookies Policy, you consent to the use of cookies used on this website and described in the table below.


What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that a website stores on your PC, mobile phone or other device. It contains information about your navigation on that site. Cookies are necessary to facilitate browsing and make it more friendly and do not harm your computer.


Although the general term “cookie” is used in this policy, since this is the primary method of data storage used by this website, the “Local Storage” area of ​​the browser is also used for the same purposes as cookies. All information in this section also applies to this “Local Storage”.


Why are cookies used on this website?

Cookies are an essential part of how our website works. The main objective of our cookies is to improve your browsing experience. For example, they remember your preferences (language, country, etc.) during browsing and on future visits.
The information contained in the cookies also allows us to improve the website, using estimates of the number and patterns of use, adapting the website to the individual interests of users, speeding up searches, etc.
Sometimes, if we have obtained your prior informed consent, we may use cookies, tags or other similar devices to obtain information that allows us to show you advertising from our website, from third parties, or by any other means, based on an analysis of your activity. navigation.


What are cookies NOT used for on this website?

We do not store sensitive personally identifiable information such as your address, password, credit or debit card details, etc. in the cookies we use.


Who uses the information stored in cookies?

The information stored in the cookies used on our website is used exclusively by us, with the exception of those identified below as “third-party cookies”, which are used and managed by external organizations to provide us with the services requested by us to improve our services. and the user experience when browsing our website. The main services for which these “third-party cookies” are used are obtaining access statistics and enabling payment transactions.


How to avoid the use of cookies on this website?

If you prefer to disable the use of cookies on this website even with the above limitations, you must first disable the use of cookies in your browser and then you must delete the cookies associated with this website stored in your browser.
This process to disable the use of cookies can be done at any time..


How do I deactivate and eliminate the use of cookies?

You can restrict, block or delete cookies from this website at any time by modifying your browser settings in accordance with the guidelines below. Although the design of each browser is different, the options to configure cookies are generally found in the “Preferences” or “Tools” menu. For more information on configuring cookies in your browser, see the “Help” menu.


What specific cookies does this website use and for what purpose?

Below is a table with the cookies, tags and other similar devices used by this website, along with information on the purpose, duration and management (own or third party) of each one.


This table gives you more information about why we use cookies:


Categorías de usoDescriptión
User identificationUsed to identify and authenticate the user. It also contains technical data about the user session, such as time waiting for a connection, session ID, etc.
Session identificationIdentifies the http session of the user. It is common in all web applications to identify user requests in a session.
Browsing statusIdentifies the browsing status of the user (beginning of the session, first page, first access, scroll status, voting status, etc.).
User selectionsStores the session values selected by the user such as the store, language, currency, products, size, etc.
Favorites and last selectionsIt allows the user’s favorites (stores, for example) and last selections (stores, products, consent to the use of cookies, etc.) to be remembered for subsequent website sessions.
Shopping basketIt stores information about the shopping basket, as well as the user identification data associated with that basket.
ProtocolsIt allows for the management of switching between secure (https) and non-secure (http) domains (protocol)
Browsing analysis cookiesThese cookies obtain generic information about user access to the website (not to its content) to later provide us with aggregate information about this access for statistical purposes.
Origin (WC_GASource)It is used to find out where a user entering a page on this website has come from, for example, if they are entering the product detail page from a product guide, from the search engine or from an external page.
Optimizely (optimizelySegments; optimizelyEndUserId optimizelyPendingLogEvents; optimizelyBuckets…)Cookies identified with the domain or, allow us to optimize the website’s appearance, feel and messages. Generally their purpose is to ensure that the user has a consistent browsing experience on our Website, based on how they use it. Some of the data saved for subsequent analysis are: the number of page updates the user has viewed, information by visitor segment such as the browser, campaign, type of mobile sources, and all the personalized segments defined, etc. The configuration of these cookies is predetermined by the service provided by our provider Optimizely, Inc., so we suggest that you consult their website: , to obtain more information about the cookies it uses and how to disable them at: Please note that we are not responsible for the content or accuracy of third party websites).

This informative table will be updated as soon as possible in response to changes in the services offered on this website. However, occasionally while this update is being carried out, it is possible that the information box does not include a cookie, tag or other similar systems that allow the traceability of a user or device, although these will always be systems with the same purposes as those indicated in this table.

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